Our Commitment

We are not your average “fish store”.  We value the health and happiness of our fish as much as you do.  All of our livestock is put through an extensive quarantine system to ensure the health of the each and every species.

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CFO, Chief Fish Officer


Chief Fish Officer

Our Mission

Our extensive product line and services include:

– Aquarium Setups and Equipment

– Saltwater Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates

– Saltwater Supplements and Care Supplies

– Home and Office Aquarium Care and Maintenance

Customer Testimonials

I recently made my first purchase with this company through Victor Yee and I must say how pleased I was with the deal I got, and overall communication with him. I will certainly be back to make future purchases. The coral I received were exactly what I saw in the pictures and made a wonderful addition to my new tank. They even sent a message the following morning after shipping to verify If I had received the package. Great customer support, Great communication and a great product over all. I give 5 STARS! Good job Fishy Bizness. Look forward to my next purchase.

Torrey M.
Best Saltwater store I’ve ever been in. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’m setting up a new 75 gal. reef tank and these guys had all the information I needed when it came to what to buy and how to put it all together. I would recommend this store to beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. This is the only store I would even consider purchasing fish from. All the fish and corals look healthy and are reasonably priced not too mention they will go out of their way to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Ahh! Won’t buy my fish anywhere else. They’re so knowledgeable and kind. The girl there with dark brown hair was very willing to tolerate my four million questions. She’s awesome as I am sure the rest of the staff is… They’re always awesome on the phone!

I have been a Fishy Bizness customer for almost 5 years.  They have helped me every step of the way from designing my 200-gallon reef tank to responding at an instant when we had a bulkhead leak. Mike and the team at Fishy are knowledgeable and their love for reefing and saltwater fish is contagious.  I would highly recommend Fishy Bizness!
Jeff A.