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Angel, Flame

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Product Description

Product Description

The Flame Angelfish is the most gorgeous dwarf angelfish for a saltwater aquarium. With its beautifully composed color combination, Flame Angelfish draws attention to any aquarium. They feature black eyes and orangish to red color with strong contrasting black vertical lines, topped with deep electric blue accents at the back edge of the dorsal and anal fin, which gives an appearance of burning flames. The Flame Angelfish is a very good fish for an aquarium. Flame Angelfish, have been known to at times pick at corals, sponges and other reef life. The Flame Angelfish gets along nicely with many invertebrates, but sessile invertebrates. The Flame Angelfish is aggressive towards fishes that are similar in shape and size. They do tend to harm newly added fishes as it is a bit territorial in nature, therefore it is advisable to keep these fishes in a tanks containing at least 30 gallons if kept alone, or else should be kept in 75 gallons if there are more than one fish. In this genus, the males are larger than females. The Flame Angelfish are born females and as they grow in a group, larger and dominant fishes become males and remaining become females. If a male dies, the next dominant female in the hi(more...),,-->

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